Ubisoft Return To Steam

Ubisoft Return To Steam. Even sea of thieves sold more than a million copies within a short time, despite being years old, and basically free on gamepass. Ubisoft announced a possible return to steam last year with the release of the steam deck.

Ubisoft's PC games quietly return to Steam Polygon
Ubisoft's PC games quietly return to Steam Polygon from www.polygon.com

Publishers who slowly come to the realisation that they aren't gonna sell much on the now constantly growing pc gaming market without steam will return. The official release date for the steam deck is in the end of february. I don't know who initiated discussion between ea.

20 Jul 2021 10:54 Am.

According to guillemot, the success of the steam deck may result in far more ubisoft titles coming to steam. Will future ubisoft games come to steam? The reason for ubisoft's return is still unclear, but there's a good chance that it's linked to the steam deck's launch, scheduled for february 2022.

The Official Release Date For The Steam Deck Is In The End Of February.

Either way, i expect ubi to return to steam at some point in the future. The steam and uplay copies you own are two completely separate copies of the game. Steam deck has officially launched to great reviews.

Assassin’s Creed Is Likely To Be Returning To Ubisoft Since February, 2022, Means That This New Ubisoft Product Is Likely Going To Be Part Of The Steam Deck Release.

During the past two years, ubisoft and steam parted ways in an arrangement where ubisoft sold its pc games exclusively to the uplay and epic games stores. A process that'll go faster if there's indications that sales have suffered as a result and it becomes impossible to hide it from investors. Ubisoft's could return to releasing new games on steam.

Publishers Who Slowly Come To The Realisation That They Aren't Gonna Sell Much On The Now Constantly Growing Pc Gaming Market Without Steam Will Return.

Earlier this week the windows pc versions of ubisoft's assassin's creed unity, the crew and far cry 4 were no longer being sold through valve's. After ubisoft left steam, ea and microsoft came back with huge success. Lets hope ubisoft is ready to accept one of their biggest msitakes and will come back shortly after this.

However On Summer We Have Other New Games To Play Like Ninja Gaiden 1 2 And 3 Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 And System Shock Remake But I Will Play Assaisn Creed Valhaha Too Then When It Comes To Steam!

He just told me that ubisoft will begin releasing games on steam on summer! Over the last couple of years, ubisoft has moved away from steam and has instead embraced the epic games store, with all newer releases being made. The steam deck might just be what valve needed to win back ubisoft's business by cal jeffrey july 20, 2021, 16:37 10 comments the big picture: