Poor Man's Moorish Idol

Poor Man's Moorish Idol. They are famous as poor man's moorish idol in the aquarium because of their affordability. They are very tolerant of other fish and do best in groups, but be sure to add them all at the same time.

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If you need to distinguish between them, moorish idols have a completely black tail fin, with a thin white trim, while the others have yellow caudal fins. And yes, my moorish is still alive and well. Most do not make it a week after you make the purchase.

They Are Close Relatives Of The Butterfly Fish, Being In The Same Family, Chaetodontidae.

Mine really enjoyed lps corals (brains, acans). People told me that a moorish idol was more reef safe than the “poor man’s moorish idol”. Also like the moorish idol, h.

Bannerfish, Wimple, Poor Man's Moorish Idol, Banner Butterfly, Pennantfish.

Black and white butterflyfish, poor man's moorish idol, bannerfish, pennant coralfish, wimple fish. Most die very easily in captivity. I just bought a fish that looks like a moorish idol but isn't, some people call it a poor man's moorish idol.

Similar To The Moorish Idol (The Same Fish As Gil From Finding Nemo) In Color And.

15 to 25 cm tl (6 to 10 inches), depending on the species. It is also less expensive and so often called the poor man moorish idol. Thus the reason we are tempted to call it the sane man's moorish idol!

They Are A Rarity, Too.

Much of their behavior in challenging each other, socializing and even reproduction is similar to the acanthurids. Some species have a rather limited distribution. The primary reason is they are such picky eaters, they would rather starve to death than eat something they do not want.

My Moorish Is Actually On The More Aggressive Side Which Is Great.

In my experience, these fish are hardly reef safe. It is useful to keep in mind the “higher taxonomy” of this fish, as moorish idols are part of the same group as tangs (the suborder acanthuroidea). The moorish idol differs from the banner fish and other butterflyfish in having a prominent black, triangular anal fin and if you look closely at the snout, you can see the yellow band that is unique to the moorish idol.