Move Ubisoft Games To Another Drive

Move Ubisoft Games To Another Drive. Navigate to games and click on the game that you want to move. You can move the folder by pressing shift during the drag and drop operation (if you do not press shift you copy the files).

How to backup Uplay (Ubisoft) and Steam (Steam Community
How to backup Uplay (Ubisoft) and Steam (Steam Community from

Locate the game you want to move. Install into other drive (where you've already copied the files) steam will just verify that all files are present and change its settings, registry setting and any other settings that point to game location. On your other pc, install the latest uplay launcher.

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On the game’s page, click on locate installed game under the download section and go to the new drive that you move uplay games to. Now, you should move uplay to another drive. Now go to your uplay default installation folder on your old pc, look for savegames folder.

Just Move The Files Using Windows Explorer, Or Any Other File Manager That You May Be Using, To Another Hard Drive.

Install the software and then restart your system. Copy game folder to your steam games folder on other drive. Now, let’s get into how you can transfer a uplay game to another pc, or transfer you whole uplay library:

1) If Any Of Your Ubi Games Are Installed From Steam, Move Steam To E:

Click on the three dots next to it and click on uninstall. First, navigate to the properties section, then over the local files tab, select open folder. The process of transferring a game from one pc to another with uplay is virtually identical to gog.

Install Into Other Drive (Where You've Already Copied The Files) Steam Will Just Verify That All Files Are Present And Change Its Settings, Registry Setting And Any Other Settings That Point To Game Location.

I have tried everything i could think of; C:\program files\epic games\[game name]) copy this game folder to another location on your computer. It is important to note that the folder you move needs to be the game title folder that contains all the game files.

Then Please Move The Folder To The Desired Drive.

Under origin, select application settings from the list of options. If you are paranoid (like me) first copy it, then rename the old one (for example add bak to the folder name). Find the game folder (mine are in c:\games\ubisoft game.