Jesus Idols

Jesus Idols. This is expressed in the bible in exodus 20:3, matthew 4:10, luke 4:8 and elsewhere, e.g.: The jesus idol as sure as the lord jesus christ lives and reigns in my heart he is leading me to write this short note.

JESUS Statue Gift Idol Showpiece Figurine
JESUS Statue Gift Idol Showpiece Figurine from

Law, ten commandments the lord is god idolatry. And the land was polluted with the blood. As such, here is our plan:

What Makes All Of Those Idols Is That We Are Looking Away From A Wholehearted Reliance Upon The True And Living God Through Jesus Christ, And We Are Looking At The Rabbit’s Foot, Or The Relic, Or The Picture For Some Special Protection, Or Blessing, Or Guidance, Or Help That We Don’t Think We Could Get By Just Looking To God.

While there are many idols we could address in this series, we attempted to choose seven that meet the following criteria: Worship, of god alone different gods pagan gods. Let me come directly to the point.

And The Land Was Polluted With The Blood.

They have eyes, but do not see; (a) jesus addressed this idol, and (b) this idol is a danger for christians on the north shore today. Yet, jesus thought it appropriate for people to look on him and worship him as god (matthew 28:9;

Jesus, Not Our Idols “We Know That We Are From God, And The Whole World Lies In The Power Of The Evil One.

The idols of the nations are silver and gold, the work of human hands. Isaiah 42:8 deuteronomy 11:16 exodus 34:17 deuteronomy 16:22 psalm 81:9. It seems that one of the crucial things that is holding him back is the worship of jesus.

Idolatry, In This Sense, Means Abandoning The Way Of God For Another Aim.

10 modern day idols (idol worship today) before you read this list of 10 idolatry examples for us today, i want to be clear. Practically speaking, the bible says we should put living in a righteous manner above all other pursuits of the flesh and mind. We have to understand who god is.

I Am Quite Sure I Am In…

Jesus had no problem with idolatry. The more i lean into him, prioritize my time with him, and surrender to him, the more he fills the deepest, darkest crevices within me until there’s room for nothing else. Of course, i tried to point out that jesus has two natures but it seems like this point was missed.