Idolizing Pastors

Idolizing Pastors. Another warning sign that you’re getting too close to your pastor is thinking that they are the authority. And, honestly, the issue is idolatry.

NO MORE IDOLS Pastor David Brunson Sr. YouTube
NO MORE IDOLS Pastor David Brunson Sr. YouTube from

It’s not something he’s experienced. They need to get in the word and prayer. These three killers are after us all.

Pastor Warns Against Idolizing Celebrity.

This can include anything from idolizing a politician who promises something we desire, to having an item touched by a star musician, to a rabbit’s foot or special pair of socks we think brings us good luck. When we put down the idolizing and worship of pastors and churches, we block the barrier of trying to receive god through man and open up the entry for god to enter through spirit. I think one of the saddest dysfunctions in much of our church world today is the worship of pastors or other spiritual leaders.

Then You Are Worshipping And Idolizing Celebrity Preachers.

I know this dysfunction well from both positions: This can lead to pastor idolizing, church lust, and depression. Idolizing a pastor might lead to him feeling isolated and unable to admit his failings and needs to others.

It Could Lead To Undue Pressure And Expectations On Him And His Family.

Most pastors worry about this for their kids. Here are five unhealthy ways that we can idolize our pastors. Mark driscoll warns against false idolatry in modern celebrity culture.

Being A Pastor’s Kid Is Hard.

Valuing their word more than god's word. When we share too much of pastor so and so said this. With that definition, we can start idolizing good things, too — work, relationships, and even our pastors.

I Believe “Celebrity Culture” Almost Always Goes Hand In Glove With Idolizing Ministry And Neglecting Our Home Life.

Valuing their word more than god’s word. This is actually both idolatry and theft, as we are stealing something for ourselves that someone else did the work for. Idolizing your pastor or counselor.