Fallout Nv Freeside Idolized

Fallout Nv Freeside Idolized. I then payed garret 1000 caps to spread the word, and smooth. If idolized, many named ncr military personnel will have unique greeting dialogue when spoken to;

A Nice View Of A Restored Freeside Strip at Fallout New
A Nice View Of A Restored Freeside Strip at Fallout New from www.nexusmods.com

Setreputation ffae8 0 100 would make them villinized. The easiest way to gain those 5 points for me is to take him to the crashed vertibird southwest of camp searchlight, the sliver rush in freeside, and to repconn headquarters. (c:) > programfiles (86) > steam > steamapps > common > fallout new vegas > data.

Give Moburma Some Love For His Hard Work.

Freeside was the former slum of new vegas, home to many of the city's residents as well as factions such as the van graffs, kings, and mojave branch of the followers of the apocalypse. Mantis_tobagan 11 years ago #4. Setreputation ffae8 1 0 would set the boomer faction to neutral.

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All you need to do is sneak kill any ncr soldiers and take their dog tags to aurelius of pheonix or decanus severus. Everybody hates those *****, so you'll gain fame with every faction. Yeah i had the same problem, i did all of the head guy's missions (didn't depose him), found the missing laser, isolated the virus, and did veronica's sidequest but all that only got me up to liked.

1.Read Bellow Player Reputation And Faction Fallout:

Respond let's just listen to him, figure out what he's up to, and get out. Setreputation ffae8 0 100 would make them villinized. If idolized, one can convince norton and his fellow mercenaries to leave peacefully at no expense during unfriendly persuasion.

Extract The Meshes And Sound Folders, To Your New Vegas Data Folder.

The first customer who will appear They can't be interacted with and if killed, new thugs will take their place. Well, i did the atomic wrangler quest, getting everyone availiable and passing all the speech checks, that got me a good bunch of fame.

After That, Take Him To The Fort, He'll Then Trigger A Dialogue.

Freeside's north gate is a location in the mojave wasteland in 2281. Freeside's east gate opens to the portion of freeside that contains mick & ralph's, as. Download the freesideopen.esm  that contains freesideopenpatch.esp merged for ttw by 5y0n.