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Lord dattatreya encompasses the trinity of brahma, vishnu and shiva, collectively known as trimurti. Lord dattatreya represents collective energy of lord brahma, vishnu and shiva and bestows peace, serenity, compassion and love. ⭐ god idols @ upto 80% off ⭐ shop god murtis & idols online in india at best price.

Dattatreya Was Born From The Portions Of Lord Brahma, Part Of Durga, And Vishnu From The Part Of Chandra, Shankar.

Dattatreya murti is an ideal decorative and gifting item that come at the market leading price. Lord dattatreya is known as the universal guru and bestows wisdom, knowledge, spiritual advancement, good health, prosperity and abundance. The wishes of the devotees are fulfilled and all members in the family where the temple and idols of makrana marble is placed are always successful in their endeavors.

This Is Situated In Annadana Kaksha (Section) Of Swami Samarth Math In.

2.5 inches (h) x 2.2 inches (w) x 1.5 inches (depth) (6.3 x 5.5 x 3.8 cm) approxweight: Dattatreya makrana idols murtis are actual live murties and bestow the devotee with longitivity, protection against sudden accidents and thefts. Bring it home and get the divine blessings of the lord.

Lord Dattatreya Is An Incarnation Of The Divine Trinity Brahma, Vishnu And Shiva And Is Depicted With Three Heads.

Buy lord dattatreya idols online at best prices. Lord dattatreya small idol is beautifully designed in pure silver with glitter finish. Gemstones have their own healing powers.

4.25 Inches (H) X 3.75 Inches (W) Weight:

This is shri datta guru murti (idol) at shri akkalkot math. The typical form in which the lord dattatreya appears is that of an ascetic with 3 heads & 6 arms (symbolizing the unification of the three. Murali manohar lord krishna idol / murti statue in brass.

Lord Dattatreya / Datta Represents Trimurti As Brahma, Vishnu And Shiva.dimensions:

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